Over the past 4 decades, Plasser Far East has delivered over 1000 state-of-the-art machines to the Far East region. These machines have played a pivotal role in advancing the rail industry and supporting the growth of transportation infrastructure. Below, you will find a selection of machines we have supplied:

RM80-750, South Korea

09-2X/SD Dynamic, South Korea

EM 120-I, Taiwan

EM120 “Arjuna”, Indonesia

09-32 CSM, Indonesia

Unimat Compact 08-275/3S-16, Singapore

EM 140, Malaysia

09-16 CAT, Thailand

DGS 62 N, Thailand

EM80HA, Hong Kong

RM 74 BRU, Malaysia

PBR-400 R, Vietnam

Junior 08-16/4, Philippines

08-16 M, Bangladesh